'Teen Wolf's Season 3's Shaping Up To Go Hellmouth

Listen. Listen. Stiles Stilinski is, to put it as the stoners in a '90s teen movie might, the bomb. He's like if Seth Cohen had a baby with Pacey Witter. Are your pants gone yet? Are you crying a lot of feelings yet? Exactly. We don't like when he's in danger or sad or hurt or anything, but prefer him happy and snarky. Which is why this teaser for Teen Wolf Season 3 part 2 is stressing us the fuck out.

Season 3's summer finale featured (obvious spoiler alert) Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Scott (Tyler Posey), and Allison (Crystal Reed) all sacrificing their lives for their parents. It was only for a few minutes, but we (and they) were told that the consequences of living after an incident like that involved a blackness that would be in their hearts forever. Which, you know, cheery.

Oh, it is also said to involve the town in which they live becoming way more attractive to the supernatural oogy-boogies that've plagued the likes of Sunnydale, Bon Temps, and Mystic Falls before them. You know, classic hellmouth stuff.

The new teaser features a whole lot of images and sounds — ah, creepy child noises, how we never miss you — as well as the tagline for the second half of the season, "lose your mind." The whole thing culminates with Stiles desperately screaming "WAKE UP!" and we are already upset at how invested we are in a show that was supposed to just be about silly teen werewolves and their silly teen werewolf problems.

God dammit.

Images: Youtube, Tumblr