7 Fashion & Beauty Instagram Photo Cliches We'll Never Get Sick Of Seeing On Our Feed

If Instagram and your phone were people, they'd totally be BFFs, because they're kinda inseparable at this point. Most of us check our feed several times a day to catch your friend's and your fav celebrity and media personality's latest posts. There are quite a few Instagram photo cliches that have been around since the beginning, and we're still gushing over these same kinds of posts day in and day out.

Many of these over-posted (but still well-liked type) of photos come straight from the fashion and beautysphere of our lives. Sharing our latest clothing hauls, our outfits that we're wearing, or the new beauty products we've just tried is almost irresistible.

Call it our tendency to develop habits or our insatiable thirst for all the latest news and happenings. Either way, we can't stop looking at — and liking — these same kind of 'grams over and over again. I mean, it's just too easy to double tap that photo for the little heart to be filled in, right?

From mirror-selfies to pictures of us holding a new color of nail polish with our freshly painted nails, the fashion cliches on Instagram probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon. If you haven't already learned to love them, now's the time to embrace these often ridiculed types of 'grams. After all, we can't take ourselves too seriously.

1. Mirror Selfie

I posted that mirror selfie two years ago of a new dress I bought. And you know what? I posted another one this week.

I mean, what other way are you going to show off what you're wearing without asking someone to take a photo of you? Plus, I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers taking selfies. I don't feel as silly when I take like 10 shots to get the best one when I'm by myself.

Anyway, there are currently 1,357,713 photos tagged #mirrorselfie, and that number will have risen dramatically by the time you read this. The mirror selfie is around to stay.

2. #ootd

It's a hashtag that's gained so much popularity that it's too big to fail at this point. I mean, there are whole accounts dedicated to posted a new #ootd almost everyday, and many of us are total suckers for them. The ideas are endless, and I know I love seeing how someone chooses to style themselves in their everyday life for my own outfit inspiration. We feed off each other in the best of ways with this hashtag, and for as long as it's been going, I'm still not tired of it.

3. Half Face Selfie

I'm not sure when these trend in our selfie culture got started, but apparently there are a ton of us who love only a part of our face. Maybe it makes us look mysterious, and maybe we're just trying to hide that blemish we don't want anyone to see (oh, who cares, show off all of your natural self, girl), but I'm still seeing them everywhere. It's particularly popular within the teen crowd, but hey, us grown women succumb to the fad, too!

4. Shoefie

The shoefie has come in full force! We pretend it's about cool floors (or a cool beach or a cool sky), but it's really about cool shoes.

Here's a shoefie I took a couple of years ago so you could see how much fun I was having in a river.

5. Fashion Magazines

OK, so this happens in more than just fashion-y Instagram photos. People take 'grams of their desk layout all the time showing off the latest issue of the magazine they're so happy they finally are getting the chance to read (hipster pictures of Kinfolk magazine, anyone?) It just makes us look super cool and fashionable to be reading Nylon or Vogue on the reg.

6. Symmetrical Selfies

One mirror selfie is good, but two is better. I mean, symmetry is pretty cool, folks. And we just keep posting those trippy angles like it's going out of style (but it probably isn't).

7. Nail Polish Bottle

What better way to show off what polish we've used and our freshly painted nails in one photo? I've seen them for ages, and it looks like they'll be around for a while to come.