6 Demi Lovato Workout Outfits That Are Realistic, Because No One Goes To Soul Cycle In Couture

Not only is Demi Lovato fabulous, she’s also fit-tastic. The performer took to Instagram Thursday to post a workout selfie, showing off her incredible strength while shamelessly advertising her signature Sketchers, proving that Demi Lovato's workout outfits are totally realistic. If you frequent the gym, fancy a hot yoga session, or generally partake in the occasional exercise routine, her tank and sneaker combo may look a bit familiar — probably because you have a few similar styles in your own active wear wardrobe.

Fans can always count on Lovato to keep it real, and it’s so refreshing to see a celebrity who is not afraid to sweat and show the stains on Instagram to prove it. What’s even better is that pretty much all of the singer's active wear is shoppable, because it’s basically what you already own. Tank tops, tee shirts, yoga capris and spandex pants. You rock them, she owns them.

Sure, you could be fancy and spend your life savings on any of the listed above basics from high-end brands like Lululemon, which is totally fine, but whether you’re dressed in a matching sweatsuit or a tee and Soffe shorts, you’re at the gym to work out, and the treadmill is not a runway.

Take it from my favorite celeb fitspiration — a sleek sports-bra-included-tank and a pair of funky spandex pants are all you need to look awesome at the gym. And feel free to skip the makeup, because sweat is all you need to sparkle.

Check out nine times Lovato could totally have been wearing your active gear in her workout selfies.

1. Sleeping sweaty

We've all been there.

2. Sweat glands, hair tied, chillen with no makeup on

Now that is what I call a gym selfie.

3. All black everything

For the days you feel extra tough.

4. Tank tops and spandex pants

I need those.

5. Wear hope while you lift

Because nothing is better than sweating for a cause.

6. Baby got back (in a baseball cap)

And on a mini trampoline, no less.

7. Fitness magazine cover

So maybe these aren't Lovato's workout clothes, but she wore them, and you know you want them.

8. All the neon feels

Standing out at the gym never looked so good.

9. Sweat jackets and headbands