Jessie J Rocked An Animal Print Bikini On The Beach & Totally Turned Heads

She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny...white, zebra-printed sexy bikini! Jessie J rocked an animal printed bikini on the beach and shared five different pictures of her fabulous vacation on Instagram. Luckily, her boyfriend was there to capture the moments. Her poses ranged from adorable to sexy, but needless to say, she was looking gorg in all of them. One photo was particularly too hot to handle and James did a fantastic job at capturing the scene. The photo shows Jessie laying on the untouched sand, back arched and toes curled — dayum gurl!

It's really great to see Jessie J out and having fun. If you're a true Heartbeat, then you probably know this talented singer has been diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which frighteningly causes an abnormally fast heartbeat. And due to her condition, she recently had to cancel her tours.

In an Instagram post she wrote, "I f***ing hate that my mind is stronger than my body sometimes | I didn't want to cancel shows but a doc told me I had to | I cried a lot | I had to listen | Thank you for all your well wishes | I need them | If I could hug every sick person right now I would | Rest and be well | Luke is the love of my life | I'm using these |'s because he uses them and I miss him | Off to bed."

Even through her current struggles, it's beautiful to see James being right by her side.

Images: isthatjessiej/Instagram (2)