'Jem & The Holograms' Beauty Lines Are Coming, Here's What This Fan Wants From The Products

Shaking and crying! That was me about 20 minutes ago. Why? Oh, because I found that there are a pair of Jem and The Holograms -inspired beauty lines, for Sephora and Manic Panic, respectively, on the way, in conjunction with the forthcoming film.

I admit that the trailer for the film left me a bit bummed. I'm not feeling it. But I own the truly outrageous and animated '80s series about the all-girl rock band on DVD and I will go see the film, which hits the multiplex on October 23, due to my love of and nostalgia for Jerrica and co.

And, yes, I will shop the Sephora and Manic Panic products because duh! That's not even a question at this point.

Here's what we know so far. The Sephora set will be comprised of four items, according to Women's Wear Daily. There's an eye shadow palette, a liquid lip set, fluorescent lipstick, which is so '80s, and a compact.

And while Manic Panic is emblematic of the '90s and not-found-in-nature hair colors, the brand will issue four semi-permanent hair dyes that take inspo from each member of The Holograms and her signature hair color. Eek! Want! Need!

Jem and her cohorts were fashion and style trailblazers. I especially loved Jem's pink hair, Aja's blue hair, and Shana's purple locks. I also cannot deny that The Misfits, who were The Holograms' rivals, were pretty stylin', as well, even as the series antagonists.

These are the basic things I would want from Jem-inspired beauty items. I realize that my suggestions and my wants are fully based on the cartoon and not at all on the film, but that's the essence and the heart of Jem, yo! Without the '80s series, there'd be no film.

1. Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!

As the theme song reminds us, it's about "Glamour and glitter / Fashion and fame." Girls who rock like to play with glitter, so I am hoping that the Sephora shadows have loads of glitter and/or shimmery sheen in the formula. The Hologams are a band and they can totally be daring with their eye makeup. So can their fans and followers.

2. Blinding Shine

As for the liquid lip products, I am hoping they are megawatt with the shine. Disco ball lips are very '80s and since Jem and her ladies use their lips to sing, fans in the crowd need to be able to see that their lips are movin'. Blindingly shiny gloss is a must. "The more shine the better" is my lip credo so here's hoping these products don't disappoint me in that realm.

3. I Will Not Be Moved

The Manic Panic hair colors will be a treat, especially for fall and the requisite Halloween parties. I am hoping the dyes pop with my dark hair if I want to be a Hologram for a day.

4. Trinkets

Remember how Jem used to communicate with Synergy via her star-shaped, projector earrings? Maybe the packaging will incorporate some sort of charms or trinkets to commemorate this high tech yet pre-smartphone mode of communique?

5. Chameleon

Can we maybe get a nail polish that changes colors with heat or mood? Or can one of the lip products do that?! Since Jerrica Benton morphed into Jem, the theme of alter egos and transformations should totally be factored into products. This could be a last minute addition to the line, upping it from four products to five for Sephora. Wishful thinking, I know.

6. Packaging

I want packaging that is collectible and that I won't throw out, so here's hoping that some classic Jem and The Holograms images are worked into the bottles, even though the products are being created to promote the modern, live-action film.

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