Meet The 'Ballers' Cast Before They Become Your Favorite Bros This Summer

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The summer of 2015 is filled with bros, and no, Vince and his Entourage are not the ones I'm talking about. HBO's Ballers premieres on June 21 and the series includes 10 episodes of football players and the men who manage their money, led brilliantly by The Rock. The show centers around football player turned financial planner Spencer, played by Dwayne Johnson, but he's not the only impressive person in the Ballers cast.

The cast includes spectacular supporting roles (Rob Corddry) and lots of storylines that are sure to pleasantly surprise viewers. This isn't just a show about rich athletes tossing cash and acting like jerks to anyone who gets in their way. Sure, there will indeed be some of that general bravado, but the brilliance of this show is in the struggles these men face everyday off the field and in their personal lives.

Don't believe me? Let the cast convince you that Ballers is worth checking out this Sunday night.

Image: Jeff Daly/courtesy of HBO

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