Marc Jacobs Decadence Fragrance Campaign Stars A Smoldering Adriana Lima

Marc Jacobs is responsible for some of the best-selling perfumes in the world, as proven by this year's Fragrance Awards, where he won Best Women's Packaging. But while Daisy has already become a tried and true favorite, Marc Jacobs' new scent, Decadence, is poised for greatness with a dark, brooding ad campaign starring Adriana Lima.

Typically, in his fragrance campaigns, Jacobs opts for light, bubbly, and super feminine imagery in Jeurgen Teller's signature washed-out color palette. But his new Decadence campaign is a decided break with his former aesthetic. The campaign photos show a sexy and smoldering Adriana Lima in repose while casually biting at the luxe chain strap that makes this perfume look like an ideal going-out clutch.

And if you thought the added strap was fancy, wait until you get a look at that faux snakeskin cap! If the more sinister nature of these new commercials is surprising to you, it's right in line with the new direction Jacobs' seems to be taking his brand. His beauty campaigns, ready-to-wear ads, and even his clothing line itself has taken a more moody and mysterious edge ever since he parted ways with his longtime collaborator Teller and bringing David Sims on board.

Jacobs had an all-star team on board for this shoot, with Steven Meisel taking photos, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele styling, and Katie Grand creative directing, of course.

While the brand's new aesthetic direction is definitely a sharp break with its past, it also feels like a natural visual evolution. Here's to many more slightly-sinister ad campaigns where this came from!