7 'Dark Places' Trailer Moments That Prove The Movie Will Be Just As Chilling As The Gillian Flynn Novel It's Based On

For those who love the mind-numbingly twisted plot of Gone Girl, get ready: based on the new trailer for Dark Places — aka, a new adaptation of another Gillian Flynn-penned novel — this movie is going to be just as intense, if not more-so. For those not familiar, Dark Places was published in 2009, three years before Flynn introduced us to Gone Girl. The novel tells the story of a grown woman named Libby Day who is trying to determine if her brother was responsible for the murder of their family in the '80s. She's approached by a member of a group called the Kill Club, who attempt to solve crimes.

In the movie, Charlize Theron plays the grown version of Libby, while Nicholas Hoult plays Lyle, who introduces her to the Kill Club. Other amazing casting decisions include Christina Hendricks, who plays Libby's mother Patty, Corey Stoll plays the adult version of Libby's brother and Chloë Grace Moretz plays the childhood girlfriend of Libby's brother. Excited yet?

As is standard with Flynn's works, the Dark Places trailer only shows the beginning of what viewers will see. Expect a lot of plot twists and, of course, some pretty sad memories on Libby's part.

Dark Places hits theaters on Aug. 7, but you can check out the moment intense moments from the trailer below.

When Libby Is Haunted By Memories Of Her Family's Murder

Because nothing will ever make it right.

When Libby Enters The Kill Club

Yeah, I'd be creeped out too.

When Libby Sees Her Brother For The First Time In Years

Innocent? Guilty? We'll have to wait to find out.

When We're Faced With Photos From The Murder

This is the part where I covered my eyes.

When Libby Is Still The Scared Little Girl From Her Childhood

And this is the part where my heart broke a little.

When We See This Side Of Chloë Grace Mortez

She is terrifying.

When Christina Hendricks Brings The Intensity

Is it Aug. 7 yet?

Check out the trailer in full below:

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