7 Hilarious Text Messages Sent From Dads

by Jennifer Valdez

Dads have a way of telling it how it is — except for when it comes to communicating via text message, in which case you really have no idea what’s going to come across your phone. Dads are known for their painfully funny dad jokes AND their epic technology fails, and nothing showcases that better than hilarious text messages sent by dads. And in the spirit of Father’s Day, you better believe we’re celebrating by rounding up some of the best ones out there.

After all, we've all received them. A text comes in from Dad, you open it, and it's the last thing you'd expect him to say — or it’s exactly what you'd expect him to say, depending on who your father is. In any case, Dad always knows exactly which words to choose. Moms usually send the “good morning” text messages and pictures of the household pet, but dads say the darnedest things. Dad text message are the ones that make your day, and sometimes you just want to share them with the world… which is exactly what I’m doing now. I found these seven incredible texts from dads via social media that ought to make us appreciate all the great dads out there. Seriously, there are some gems.

1. When Dad Gets Annoyed

Or at least pretends to be, because let's be honest, just the fact that he's responding when he could be watching the game or working says a lot.

2. When Dad Threatens To Make You Pay Your Own Cell Phone Bill

When you're just trying to live your life, and Dad reminds you that he always has final say.

3. When Dad Takes You Off His Will

At one point or another, we've all felt disowned or replaced by our parents. Like when you go away to college, and suddenly your room turns into that gym your dad always wanted, or worse, storage space. Some parents are just more upfront about it.

4. When Dad Gives You Instructions For His Funeral

If you've never had the this-is-how-I-want-my-funeral talk, then just wait, it's coming. For some reason, some dads feel it's necessary to walk you through the details of their memorial. However, this is usually in the form of an awkward conversation, and not a text message.

5. When Dad Just Wants Everyone To Get Along

That dad... always the peacekeeper.

6. When Dad Comes To The Rescue

Don't you miss the days when dad used to come in at night to scare away the monsters? Now he just sends stuff to scare you.

7. When Dad Quotes Mean Girls

The best dad text messages are the ones you expect your girlfriends to send you. Not your dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Images: Ron Bennetts, Leeja Waldrof, Krystian Griffiths/Flickr