Mindy Kaling's Maxi Dress Is A Must

Dresses and summer just go together hand in hand, because who wants to be wearing pants when it's 99 degrees outside? One dress that I have my eye on is Mindy Kaling's Mara Hoffman maxi. The new Hulu queen looked ready for literally anything that summer could throw at her in a mixed-print midi dress that I seriously think I need to own. Not to mention that it has the cutest cutouts a dress could have that wrap around to create a mock-open back.

It is very much in Kaling's style to wear things that are on the verge of being too much, but that's what I like about her. She isn't afraid of wearing something that practically screams at you. And this dress is no different. What starts off as a green leafy print, turns into one of those eye-catching prints. You know, the ones that almost remind you of one of those kaleidoscopes you had when you were a kid? And don't let me get started on the back, which technically starts on the sides. What looks like mini cutouts turn into a new version of the open back that I really enjoy, mostly because I can never find an open-backed dress that will keep my bra straps hidden, and so finding one that is the best of both worlds is magic.

This isn't the first time Kaling has turned to Hoffman for one of her colorful designs. Remember that beautiful swimsuit Kaling broke out a few months ago? Another wonderful Hoffman original. The only bummer is that the dress Kaling wore is currently out of stock. So I'll have to wait to get my "open-back" on.