The #CollarboneChallenge Is The Worst

Stop what you're doing and go round up your precious laundry quarters because you're going to need them for the next ridiculous body shaming trend to hit the news. Cosmopolitan revealed that the newest "craze" on Chinese social media is the #CollarboneChallenge. What does it entail? The more coins you can stack on your collarbone, apparently, the sexier and skinnier you are. Because that makes so much sense.

Weibo, the Chinese social media site responsible for last week's popular #BellybuttonChallenge, also gave rise to the #CollarboneChallenge. Honestly, with something so silly as the collarbone and coin thing to prove how fit you are, who knows what pointless body shaming social challenge Weibo users will come up with next. How many broccoli florets fit between your toes, perhaps?

Plenty of people (like Curvy Kate with #BoobsOverBellyButton!) pointed out the absurdity of the #BellybuttonChallenge, and it appears certain Weibo, IG, and Twitter users are already doing the same. A scroll through the IG feed shows a mix of people placing pieces of fruit, coffee mugs, garbage bags, and even purple vibrators on their collarbones in contrast to those using coins (precious, precious laundry coins).

While there's no telling when this challenge will fizzle out and make way for the next one, at least it's helped serious participants clean behind their couch pillows and empty their purses? Ugh.

Image Credits: Danbao_China, stoptheshaming, cat.theea, biiriiv, DurexChina/Instagram