GeneU Tests Your DNA To Produce The Best Serums For Your Skin

With devices like Way, that analyze your skin's health and give you tips on how to improve your skin, it looks like the future of skincare is on the great, technologically-saavy pathway to success. The latest in this field is a tech beauty lab called GeneU, which tests your DNA to come up with the best serums that suit you and your skin.

From a total of 18 serums, two will be picked as your best match, according to the results from a lifestyle questionnaire. Think of it similar to one of those magazine quizzes, except all your answers from this quiz will be worked through an algorithm. The top two serum suggestions that'll come out of the algorithm will be based off specific characteristics of two genes: 1. The rate at which your body breaks down collagen, and 2. what type of antioxidant protection your gene carries. The entire test and results are finished in half an hour, as opposed to the two-week-long average for regular DNA tests.

The whole process will cost you $940, but you will get two week's worth of skin products and ensured confidentiality in your DNA test. Also, because these serums are based off your genetic makeup, the products are allegedly guaranteed to show noticeable results. According to Dr. Christofer Toumazou, the company's double-blind clinical trials can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 30% in just three months. The entire concept is still undergoing a lot of fine tuning and development, but it's definitely a huge step forward in the skincare industry.

Hopefully this means I can still have the skin of a 20-year-old when I'm 50. Oh, and did I mention that GeneU's high-tech flagship looks a little like Tony Stark's hideout? Count me in, on all accounts.

Images: geneubeauty/Instagram (2)