19 Food Related Workout Shirts You Need If You Like Exercising (But Love Eating Even More)

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Working out is great. It relieves stress, it keeps you healthy, and it gives you endorphins, which make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands. But as great as a post-workout feeling can be, let's face it: eating delicious food is better. It just is! Imagine how great you feel after exercising, and then imagine how great you feel when you eat your favorite meal of all time. Which makes you smile more?

If it's the second option, then you need to invest in some of these workout shirts. They say, "yeah, I care about my health, but also I'll eat all the food after I leave the gym." Who doesn't find that attractive in a person? These shirts will keep you motivated through your workout, whether you're imagining the future pizza, taco, or ice cream cone you're going to reward yourself with later. Check out these 19 workout shirts you need if you like exercising, but you love food more.

Image: @skreenedtees/Instagram

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