19 Food Related Workout Shirts You Need If You Like Exercising (But Love Eating Even More)

Working out is great. It relieves stress, it keeps you healthy, and it gives you endorphins, which make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands. But as great as a post-workout feeling can be, let's face it: eating delicious food is better. It just is! Imagine how great you feel after exercising, and then imagine how great you feel when you eat your favorite meal of all time. Which makes you smile more?

If it's the second option, then you need to invest in some of these workout shirts. They say, "yeah, I care about my health, but also I'll eat all the food after I leave the gym." Who doesn't find that attractive in a person? These shirts will keep you motivated through your workout, whether you're imagining the future pizza, taco, or ice cream cone you're going to reward yourself with later. Check out these 19 workout shirts you need if you like exercising, but you love food more.

Image: @skreenedtees/Instagram

If You Love Push Pops

What? Push ups and Push Pops sound REALLY similar. This is understandable.

Push Pops Tank, $19, Activate Apparel

If You're Obsessed With Pizza

What even is a summer body?

Pizza Body Tank, $20, Activate Apparel

When Bacon Is Your Thing

See, if you say exercise enough, it starts to remind you of breakfast. Which reminds you of bacon because obviously.

Exercise For Bacon Tank, $20, Skreened

If You're Really Into Fries

Why exercise when you could be eating extra fries?

Extra Fries Crop Top, $26, Etsy

When You Love Ice Cream

It’s like, you would work out more, if that gallon of ice cream wasn’t calling your name.

Ice Cream Date Sweatshirt, $35, Active Apparel

When You Love Yoga But Love Wine More

To be fair, sometimes those yoga pants really are worn during yoga, so it counts.

Yoga Tank, $28, Etsy

If Tacos Are Calling Your Name

Another great option: running straight to the taco stand.

Tacos Later, $20, Etsy

When You're Feeling Confident

Let’s be real here. It’s not your fault you worked out so much that all the food wants you!

Food Wants Me Tank, $23, Etsy

If You Want Food To Be Exercise

I mean, think about it: You’re using your muscles to chew. So, you’re kind of working out your mouth, right? Right.

Chewing Food Tank, $18, Look Human

When You Love Tacos More Than Anything

Pretty sure anyone who eats tacos also has a body in the summer.

Tacos Shirt, $20, Activate Apparel

For All The Winos Out There

What could be a better motivation for running than a glass of wine?

Wine Later Tank, $18, Look Human

When You Really Want A Slurpee

Slurpee, burpee… same thing, right?

Slurpees Tank, $20, Look Human

If You're A Fan Of Mean Girls

Get yourself through your workout by reminding yourself of all the cheese fries you’ll be having for dinner.

Cheese Fries Tee, $20, Etsy

If Cinnamon Buns Are Your Thing

In the end, cinnamon buns just sound more enticing.

Buns of Cinnamon Tank, $24, Skreened

For The Runners Who Love Food

If you run, you’ll get to the burgers faster.

Will Run For Food Tank, $16, Etsy

If You Can't Even Think About Running Right Now

Sometimes you just don’t really want to run, and instead, you want to eat tacos. It’s understandable.

Taco About It Tee, $17, Etsy

For The Peanut Butter Lovers Out There


Peanut Butter Tank, $28, Etsy

If You're Actually Starving All The Time

Yeah, you’re at the gym, but let’s be clear: you’re thinking about food.

I’m Hungry Tank, $28, Etsy

When You Love Donuts

Yeah, you’re going to the gym… after dessert, of course.

Donut Shirt, $20, Etsy