Scalp Brushes Are Apparently The Newest Beauty Tool To Add To Your Haircare Arsenal

Another day, another beauty tool you supposedly need, since Vogue Paris recently wrote about how a scalp brush is currently becoming the "it" beauty tool in France. Scalp brushes have been popular in Japan for the last 10 years and now they're hitting the Euro-scene. Personally, I have no doubt that once Paris decides that scalp brushes are a must-have, the rest of the world will soon follow suit.

Scalp brushes are touted for their ability to do everything for your hair. Their main use, however, is to massage your scalp. They have 376 different-sized flexible fibers that massage the scalp to help with microcirculation, without irritating your head or hair. Vogue Paris also noted that they make applying a hair mask even easier (although I'm not sure how hard hair mask application actually is to begin with).

It turns out that scalp brushes are also very efficient at detangling hair and do so without igniting static electricity. Supposedly if you habitually use a scalp brush, your hair will grow in healthier and glossier. So that is a convincing enough reason to get one, I guess. To me, it seems like a scalp brush is the hair equivalent of dry brushing your body à la Miranda Kerr — the results are nice, but are they really worth the extra time in your already exhausting beauty routine? Probably not.