Prada's Changing The Shopping For Eyewear Game

Prada is bringing us a new way to shop for eyewear online. Launching on June 26th (just in time for National Sunglasses Day), Prada’s Raw Avenue site will feature illustrations of six Insta-famous illustrators to bring the sunglasses to life in a whole new way. And honestly, I think this is a really cool way to shop for shades, not that I’ll be able to afford the Prada brand anytime soon (sigh). But, it’s still cool, in theory, you know?

I love that the site is called Prada’s Raw Avenue, too, because showing the glasses come to life in the form of an illustration is a very raw experience. You get to connect with the artistic side of the process of designing, instead of just seeing the finished product. That’s probably the greatest aspect of this whole thing. Folks are calling this process a “virtual catwalk,” and that’s such a unique and honestly necessary concept!

Now, I’m not exactly sure how this will help in the buying process at all because it’s not like Prada's adding a feature where you can virtually try on the glasses or anything — but I guess it is just another way that Prada can stand out from the competition.

Regardless of how much it’s actually helping you decide on what frame shape will best suit your face, it is a fun way to feature the designs and other artists, so I encourage you to check out the preview of the site now, and go back for the full experience when it launches!

Images: Getty Images; prada/Instagram