Watching 'A Knight's Tale' As An Adult

by Loretta Donelan

A Knight's Tale is one of those movies, like The Princess Bride, that bends the genres of adventure, satire, and romance. This one even has a bit of a musical element. When I first watched it, I was deep into an obsession with all things medieval. I found this movie a lot more validating than my father's reminders of all the diseases, uncleanliness, and oppression I would have faced in the Middle Ages if I would have actually lived there. While the modern music and references are a bit jarring at first, you quickly get used to the film's blend of heart and humor. While I don't personally love the central romance, I am a big fan of the bromance between Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein (Heath Ledger) and his servants, as well as the "changing your stars" message.

It's also a bittersweet movie, with the late Ledger in a role that is a lot easier to watch than his turn as the Joker. There are a lot of other great performances in this film, with my favorite as Paul Bettany as Geoffrey Chaucer. Re-watching the film, it's as delightful as I remember it, though I also picked up on a few details I'd missed as a child. Here are some things I noticed on my re-watch.

1. His Long Hair

All in all, this was a very good-looking film for Heath Ledger.

2. This Butt-Centric Shot

Does Paul Bettany have a butt double?

3. Is This Movie Considered A Musical?

It's a musical for about 15 minutes, when Ulrich sings and no one thinks it's weird, among other random musical moments.

4. Like This Odd Dance Scene

I'm into it.

5. Not So Into This Hat Though, Jocelyn.

Kind of a clinical choice.

6. For Some Reason, Everyone Is In Love With Her (Despite Her Fashion Sense)

Everyone keeps coming up to tell her how beautiful she is, and her lady in waiting is just as pretty and doesn't have weird taste in headwear. Just sayin'!

7. The Jousting Scenes Are Too Long

And yet, the arena looks pretty small to feature multiple minutes of riding.

8. Love That Kate Uses Multiple Nike Symbols As Her Logo

Just do it.

9. Speaking Of Kate, She's A Total Badass

Kate > Jocelyn

10. William Admitting He Can't Dance Is Too Cute For Words

He eventually learns!

11. As Is His Reaction To Jocelyn "Kissing" Him

Even though it was a proxy kiss.

12. I Didn't Get This John Lennon Reference When I Saw The Film The First Time

"My lords, my ladies, and everybody else here not sitting on a cushion!"

13. Chaucer's Speeches Are The Best Part Of The Film

Ulricchhhhhhhhh von Lichtenstein!

14. Little William Is Adorable

The actor's name's Leagh Conwell, and he's now 25 years old.

15. Why Do Characters In Movies Always Delay Revealing Their Identities Until It Is Crucial To The Plot?

William walks into his father's (a blind man's) house and doesn't disclose for many minutes that he's his son. Terrifying.

16. Yelling Your Own Name In A Moment Of Triumph...

Kinda stuck up, William.

17. They Really Milk That Climactic Last Scene

Instant replay!

18. I Was Worried William's Dad Would Regain His Sight In This Scene

It would have been the cheesiest thing ever, save...

19. This Ending

Kissing against a starry green screen. Team Kate forever!

Images: Columbia Pictures