Justin Timberlake Shares Adorable Father's Day Photo Of Baby Silas & It's Official, He's The Greatest Celeb Dad Ever — PHOTO

Well, it's official. Father's Day is over. All dads, go home — there's no point of even trying, because one celeb pop has this thing wrapped up. On Sunday, Justin Timberlake posted an adorable photo of baby son Silas, and when I say adorable, I mean cuteness-overload-someone-please-help-I-can't-function. It's that cute, people.

Timberlake, as you'll recall, is a new dad to Silas Randall, who arrived back in April of this year. He and his wife, Jessica Biel, have seemed like proud, if private, parents since, keeping most of the details of their son's life private and posting only the occasional pic, such as this sweet one Timberlake shared shortly after the baby's birth. So it's a surprise that Timberlake even decided to post a Father's Day pic at all — but hey, I'm not complaining. Any chance to see the musician in dad mode is not to be missed, and the combination of Timberlake being all fatherly plus + sweet baby in adorable onesie is practically too much to handle.

In the post, Timberlake wishes a happy Father's Day to all the other members of the "Daddy Fraternity," and judging by Silas' choice in clothing, he's ecstatic to be part of the club; the blue onesie says "I love Dad." On three, everyone: awwwwwww.

Timberlake may be new to fatherhood, but clearly, he's got it down pat. Now, here's hoping his parenting includes not just supplying his kid with cute outfits, but singing him *NSYNC-style lullabies and warning him of the dangers of ramen hair. It's a tough world out there, and a kid's gotta be prepared.

Check out the adorable photo below and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the cuteness. Happy Father's Day to Justin, and to all dads out there, former boy banders and otherwise!

Image: JustinTimberlake/Instagram