11 Backless Dresses That'll Show Off Tattoos In The Coolest Way Possible This Summer

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As things wrap up this weekend for the Chicago portion of the Body Art Expo (allegedly the world's largest tattoo convention — which is headed west, with July's dates taking place in Pomona, CA), many women in the Midwest are reveling in the beautiful weather that's finally gracing the central United States, and excited to show of their incredible inked skin. In fact, they're not alone: For what seems to be a brief moment of glory, most of the United States are looking to be sunny and summery — just in time for the summer solstice. Which, of course, means the perfect opportunity to celebrate your tattoos by baring them in stunning style.

For those of us who have back tattoos, warm weather is pretty essential to our ability to show them off — in public, at least. And what better way to do just that, then to don a fun, flirty, or sophisticated backless dress?

Here, a list of lovely backless and keyhole dress designs for ladies looking to bare their back ink this summer. And don't worry, I've got you covered (or uncovered, as the case may be), whether you're getting ready for an evening out, a leisurely stroll through the park, or fun day with friends. So, get out there, and enjoy that summer sun!

Images: hmoong/Flickr.com; Courtesy Brands

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