Justin Bieber & Ruby Rose Hang Out In Vegas, Giving Us Serious New Friendship Goals — PHOTOS

Ruby Rose is a star on the rise, thanks to her stunning turn as inmate Stella on Season 3 of Netflix's Orange Is The New Black. The Aussie actress and model has been quite busy, but she's still fit in time to make new friends, and famous ones, at that. Mere days after sparking up a friendship over Twitter, Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber hung out in Las Vegas and posted photos of their time together on Instagram, proving that they totally are twins (some say the musician is totally her doppleganger.) Talk about a fast and super modern friendship — we should all be so lucky to find our celeb twin on Twitter, am I right?

Not that Biebs or Rose needed any help learning of their similar appearances. In an episode of OITNB, one of the other inmates calls Rose's Stella "Justin Bieber" as a dig against her and she told Vanity Fair she's been mistaken for the "Where Are U Now" singer in public. But in real life, both Bieber and Rose are embracing their uncanny resemblance, meeting up at Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Las Vegas for an Electric Daisy Carnival party. In a tweet posted on Saturday, Rose called Bieber "my brother," showing that the love shared between them is real.

Of course, there is no relation between the two stars, but the resemblance is truly odd, especially in the photos from their meetup:

Rose even poked fun at all of the selfies they were taking:

Earlier this week, Bieber had dug up a photo of Rose sitting by a piano covered in paper plates with Bieber's face on them. Not much context was given for the pic — was it a joke? Someone's birthday? An Aussie thing? — but Biebs tweeted it to Rose, saying "Nice piano." The banter continued from there and as you'll see, it quickly grew even more awesome

And then suddenly, just after the pair's friendship was born, it was made official in Las Vegas over the weekend. Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose, giving us all some serious friendship (and doppelganger) goals.