51% Of Women Go Au Naturel Down There

You guys, 1970s is totally en vogue again, and we're not just talking about thigh high boots and mini skirts — we're talking about your letting your hair grow down there. According to a recent survey conducted by UK Medix, 51 percent of women are not styling or grooming their pubic region.

Additionally, they found that 45 percent say they can't be bothered by their hair-removal regimen, and 62 percent say their partners prefer the "au naturel" look. Surprising, no?

It's not clear where this pro-hair revolution started: Perhaps it's a trend influenced by celebs Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga who have openly promoted keeping things as-is down there.

Maybe we've become too busy with our days filled with meetings, online shopping sales, and social media-ing. Whatever the case, it seems like the norm, which once was keeping your pubic region as hair-free as possible, is no longer.

I'm not sure what's more unbelievable: the fact that women are abandoning their razors and wax appointments or that their partners prefer full growth. After all, we are faced with a generation of boyfriends and husbands whose idea of the natural woman was formed from pornography, where sadly, this trend of having no hair down there began. While both are shocking, I'm happy to see that women (and men) are embracing the female body as it should be — in its most natural state.

Image: Fotolia