13 Presidential Candidates' Father's Day Tributes, From The Policy-Driven To The Absolutely Tear-Jerking

Even presidential candidates can't resist the emotion of Father's Day, even though most of them have begun the bulk of their non-stop national campaign tours. On Sunday, most of them shot videos to talk about their relationships with their fathers, tweeted about the influence their dad's have had on their lives, or even shared old photographs of their fathers from years ago. The 2016 presidential candidates shared Father's Day messages about their own fathers' hard work and support throughout their lives.

Most of the candidates are kicking off the part of their presidential campaigns where they travel around the country and give deeply personal speeches, meant to play more on emotions than politics, according to The New York Times. They often make references to their upbringings to describe how it helped form and solidify their ideals, and nothing is more important in a young person's upbringing than the influence of his or her parents. Now, on Father's day, the candidates revealed more details about how their fathers shaped them and inspired them to work in politics. The few female candidates also shared shout outs to their dads, and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton also shared a cute message for her husband and former president Bill Clinton.

Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, shared a detailed video about the impact his dad had on his life. Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, also a Republican, was a two-time Republican presidential candidate who Paul said taught him that "nothing in life comes easy," according to the video:

What I respect most about my dad is honesty, genuineness — the fact that he never pandered to crowds to try to please people. But he told them honestly the way he saw things and the way he saw the world and the way he wanted to try to make it better.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki shared his Father's Day message in both English and Spanish. He also speaks French, German, and some Hungarian:

Other candidates shared cute photos of them with their fathers — both current photos and some throwbacks:

Clinton didn't just share photos of her father to celebrate the day. She also shared an adorable photo of her, husband Bill, and their first and only daughter, Chelsea Clinton. She even tweeted some of what she described as her supporters "best fatherly advice":

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