Michelle Obama Posts Throwback Father's Day Shot

It's Father's Day, which means people around the country are flocking to social media to share their favorite photos and memories of the father figures in their life. The First Lady is no different, using Instagram Sunday to post a throwback photo of Barack Obama on the beach with a very young Sasha and Malia. It was her way of wishing him a happy Father's Day, despite the two not being able to spend it together. Michelle Obama's throwback Instagram photos are pretty fantastic, and they celebrate everything from education to the Obamas' wedding anniversary. Since joining the platform, she's posted well over a dozen throwback photos, either for #ThrowbackThursday or on special occasions.

Michelle's first such photo was posted on July 11, 2013 and shows a young Michelle with short hair embracing Obama. A similar photo was posted that August to celebrate Obama's birthday. Michelle has also posted multiple photos of herself as a kid alongside her brother, former NCAA Men's Basketball coach and current ESPNU analyst Craig Robinson. A legendary tale of Robinson challenging Obama to a friendly basketball game of five-on-five that Michelle had requested is what prompted the couple to get more serious, so says Robinson. "I like to think I was the first guy to vet him," Robinson joked in a 2008 Person of the Year article about the president for TIME.

Some of Michelle's most personal photos are her throwbacks. Many of them also raise awareness of important issues near and dear to FLOTUS' heart. A Polaroid shot of Michelle as a child doing a handstand in her front yard in a bathing cap and swimsuit is a particularly cute and clever way to remind folks to sign up for, as is a Let's Move-inspired post of Michelle in a leotard and tights doing a high kick at a dance class. The First Lady has a savvy social media presence, which will hopefully stay active even after the Obamas move away from the White House.

Images: Getty (1), Michelle Obama/Instagram (8)