Selena Gomez Single 'Good For You' Leaks Early & It's A Super Sexy Summer Tune From The Singer

Selena Gomez's music has had a wide range of emotions lately. The actress/singer felt deep heartbreak in the single "The Heart Wants What It Wants," and then she fell in like in her track "I Want You To Know" (with DJ Zedd). The newest Selena Gomez song, "Good For You," has leaked on the Internet, and it shows that the singer is getting in touch with her sexy side. The moody tune, originally posted on HollywoodLife, is a collaboration with rapper A$AP Rocky and was set to drop on Monday, but the Internet just couldn't wait to hear Gomez's sultry attitude. It looks like some of the leaks have been removed, but I can still fill you in on this new hot 'n' steamy tune.

The lyrics detail Gomez's efforts to get ready for a sexy date night with her lover, just wanting to look "Good for You" and, as she sings, to "let me show you how proud I am to be yours." "Gonna wear that dress you like / skin-tight / do my hair up real, real nice / And syncopate my skin to your heart beating," the bridge states. Then, it gets really hot in here: "You say I give it to you hard, so bad, so bad / Make you never wanna leave, I won't, I won't." Sounds like the heart still wants what it wants — and it's to look hot for a brand new lover. Good for you (ahem), Selena. You get that man.

A$AP Rocky chimes in for a verse to say that Selena does indeed look great: "You look good, girl, you know you did good, don't you?" But he also doesn't want her to get into too much trouble looking that hot. "I ain't trying to mess your fitness up / And I ain't trying to get you into stuff," he says. "But the way you touchin' on me in the club / Rubbin' on my miniature." Someone put the AC on, stat, because it's getting steamy in here!

Gomez talked about her collab with A$AP Rocky on Instagram earlier this week and previously revealed other tidbits about the song on Instagram, as well.

"Good For You" is a whole new side of Selena we haven't seen, and there will probably be more of that on her new album, which is set to be released later this year. Judging by this first single, that's great news — when the album comes out, count us in.