Bryan Cranston Brings Back 'Breaking Bad' At Electric Daisy Carnival & Heisenberg Needs To Crash These Other Events, Too

Heisenberg is risen. On Saturday, Bryan Cranston appeared at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, where he introduced headliners Above and Beyond's song "Walter White," named for Cranston's character from Breaking Bad. Channeling his former character, and possibly taking a cue from Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis' bromance at Bonnaroo, Cranston commanded the audience to "say my name" before pressing the button on the sound system that started the track, and proceeded to dance his heart out.

Unsurprisingly, the evening was a success, and Twitter reactions ranged from vague confusion to unabashed excitement. Cranston later tweeted a video of the scene, captioned, “Leaving EDC - Vegas right now. Pulled an all nighter. Old, my ass…Old, my head. Old, my feet...Happy Fathers Day!" Thank you, Bryan Cranston, for valiantly sacrificing your body to entertain the youth. You will be remembered for your service.

Bryan Cranston crashing social events is the best thing the EDM-loving youth of America didn't know they needed. Can this be a thing? If Cranston can crash EDC, standing tall against a sea of sweat and glow sticks, couldn't he effectively crash anything? From now on, Bryan Cranston is informally invited to crash any of the following social events, if he's interested. Here are some suggestions for functions that could stand some Heisenberg action:

1. Bonnaroo

Crash it. Crash it all. How fun would it be to see Heisenberg take on Tennessee?

2. Burning Man

Burning Man would be the perfect place for Heisenberg's crazed, maniacal laughter.

3. Coachella

CRASH. Seriously, those crop top-wearing, flower-crown-loving fans need a lesson.


Hasn't he already been there? Either way, CRASH IT, Heisenberg.

5. Warped Tour

The entire series of Breaking Bad is like one long, endless weekend at the Warped Tour. Seems appropriate.

6. A Bar Mitzvah

How can something that feels so right be so, so wrong?

7. Your Cousin's Wedding

Only if Heisenberg agrees to adhere to the agreed-upon dress code.

Let the Electric Daisy Carnival be the first of many events that Cranston (and Heisenberg) chooses to attend, because seriously, the world is a better (if not safer) place with Walter White in it.

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