This New Device May Be The Trick To Glowing Skin

by Eliza Florendo

My skincare routine pretty much consists of washing my face once a day, and putting on a moisturizer that I happened to score from work. While I'm not much of a guru when it comes to the world of skincare, I do always wish I knew what to do. Enter this new device, called the ZIIP, which sends waves of electricity through your face, according to PureWow.

While this may be more than my next step towards taking better care of my skin (i.e., remembering to put sunscreen on my face every day), it sounds like an intriguing idea, especially since there's an app that syncs with the device, allowing you to personalize the treatment each time. Basically, it's kind of like a professional facial that you can get at home.

How does it work exactly? Nano current technology release electrical currents onto your skin and start up collagen and elastin production. This device was created by celeb esthetician Melanie Simon, who happens to have Jennifer Aniston as a client, according to Byrdie. While these treatments were previously only available in her office, you can now get them at home.

Basically, the app and device sync, and you can choose the treatment you'd like to do. Once you hit "sync," the app will know exactly how much current to send out, as well as which type.

While I'm all for going au naturale, if you feel like you need a little boost here and there to make you feel more confident, this may just be the device for you. But — it does come at a price. For $495 for the device and $129 for 18 vials of the gel treatment, it ain't cheap. It's definitely cheaper than an in-office treatment, though, as those usually run between $700-800. Ain't nothing wrong with trying something new, if you're feeling it. Just be ready to drop some dough.

Images: ZIIP