How To Listen To Marc Maron's Interview With Obama

When it was announced that comedian Marc Maron scored a sit-down chat with President Obama, you could hear many people go, "WTF?" And that's not just because Maron's podcast is named, well, WTF with Marc Maron. It's an unusual choice for POTUS, a far cry from the old school outlets of The New York Times or CNN. If you're hoping to listen in on the convo, no worries about paywalls or subscriptions. The full talk is free online, and here's how you can listen to Maron's interview with Obama.

You can always visit the podcast's website at and listen from there. Maron posts his most recent podcast squarely on the home page for easy access. His website also has a blog that has a behind-the-scenes look at how the stories come together.

If you're an Apple user, iTunes and the iPhone's Podcast app are your best friends. In iTunes, click the Podcast tab (it'll be sitting alongside Music, Movies, and TV Shows near the top of your screen). Search for "WTF with Marc Maron" and you'll see the podcast's album cover as well as a list of its most recent episodes. You can also subscribe to his channel so your iTunes will automatically notify you when a new episode is in. On your iPhone, just tap the Podcast app and search for his podcast. Easy peasy.

Better get on the podcast, which you can listen here. Enjoy!

Images: marcmaron/Instagram