9 Post-Presidency Things Obama Can Look Forward To

by Alicia Lu

Regardless of what kind of legacy he leaves behind, there is one thing the American people will always remember about President Obama: his cool, calm demeanor. However, Obama has been visibly sad in recent months as he addressed some very heartbreaking tragedies, most notably delivering the eulogy for Vice President Joe Biden's late son, Beau Biden. These rare and touching displays of emotion suggest that as Obama approaches post-White House life, he's increasingly shedding his stoic presidential composure to reveal the person underneath. It's uncertain how much more tragedy Obama will face as he finishes out the last year and a half of office, but he can cheer up knowing that he'll have plenty of happy things to look forward to after his term.

At the June 6 service for Beau Biden, Obama delivered a teary eulogy that honored Beau's character and "mighty heart." Afterwards, Obama stepped down from the pulpit, hugged Joe Biden, and kissed his vice president on the cheek. Earlier this month, Obama displayed more emotion when he made a rare visit to Capitol Hill to plead with House Democrats to support his Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agenda. Then, last week, Obama had to deliver a somber speech on the Charleston church shooting, and once again, conveyed pure sadness, and at times anger. The New York Times reports that Obama's aides have noted he's been more emotional of late than during any other time during his presidency.

It remains to be seen what the rest of his term will present, and how much more pain he'll have to withstand, but Obama clearly could use some cheering up. In an effort to do just that, here are nine happy things he can look forward to after presidency.

Being Able To Golf Without Judgment

Now he can hit the green without constant commentary from the likes of Donald Trump.

Reading For Pleasure

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

He can finally tuck into that copy of Bossypants Michelle got him four years ago.

Surprising Malia At College Like Any Other Embarrassing Parent

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You know he's already planning these visits.

Weekend-Long Staycations With Michelle

They'll finally have time to spend some quality time with their much-neglected Netflix and Seamless accounts.

Eating More Indulgently

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Once the Obamas are out of the spotlight, maybe Michelle will let him indulge in more treats.

Catching Up On His Favorite Shows

I'm sure, just like the rest of us, Obama gets furious when someone spoils the latest episode of Game of Thrones at some political function. It's never fun being the only one not caught up.

Spending Every Waking Moment With Sasha Before She Leaves For College

Malia is flying the nest next fall, but Obama will have a few more years left to smother Sasha with attention and embarrass her in front of her friends.

More Guys' Nights

Which apparently entails getting together with the fellas and leaning the "Single Ladies" dance.

Enjoying All That New York City Has To Offer

Rumor has it that the Obamas will move to New York City over Chicago after departing the White House. Living in NYC includes but is not limited to: walks through Central Park, the best pizza outside of Italy at Di Fara, sipping martinis at the Gallow Green rooftop bar on top of the McKittrick Hotel, Thursday gallery crawls in Chelsea, and karaoke in Koreatown. Not like a bad life.

Sounds like you'll have plenty of reasons to smile soon, Obama.

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