15 Trendy Off-The-Shoulder Tops And Dresses To Score This Summer

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Summer 2015 is all about the resurgence of vintage trends, from '70s-esque fringed skirts to wide-hemmed jeans. However, if you're searching for a style to unite your aesthetic obsession with the past and present, look no further than the shoulder-baring top or dress. Unlike more overt throwback trends, the off-the-shoulder look is timeless and utterly malleable to your personal style. If you lean in the direction of bohemianism, snap up a paisley-printed blouson-style mini dress. For wardrobe classicists, a white eyelet mini dress reads as both elegant and alluring. And those with a penchant for doubling up on trends can test-drive a cropped style for maximum impact. Scroll through for 15 trendy summer styles that will give your bulky winter clothing the cold shoulder.

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