13 Kit Harington Hair Photos That Are Completely Epic, Especially When You Consider The Dude Behind The Strands

Dear Kit Harrington, I apologize. I am aware that you've had qualms with the way you've been boxed into the heartthrob category, and even asked your publicists to caution reporters: don't ask about Kit Harington's hair. So, I have a simple proposition. Maybe, just maybe, we can put this hair obsession to rest with a compromise. Perhaps, if we here at Bustle dedicate an entire article to the glory of your hair, our readers can rest easy, knowing they have one tried and true location to luxuriate in their admiration of your locks, which have their own impressive contractual obligation, and in doing so we'll alleviate some of the pressure from other publications to question you about your conditioning habits. Being a man of many talents, I'm quite sure you've got far more pressing or entertaining topics to share with us than what you did to get such hunky curls.

On a personal level, I can relate. This will sound a bit silly, and I recognize that Jen Schildgen's hair is not Kit Harington's hair, however, I'll lend whatever small credence I can to Harrington's conflicting reaction to his appeal. In the rather insignificant publication that is my 2004 high school yearbook (my senior year), my friend Nick and I were voted in to the shared title of "Best Hair" (although, really, Nick's mane was far more rockin' than my own). And, as much as that simple accolade stood as an entertaining and complimentary little tribute, one tends to feel a bit reduced when they're recognized for something ultimately attributed to a genetic trait (entirely beyond their control) as opposed to personal triumph in the realms of intellectual, artistic, or other esoteric pursuits (like acting, in the case of Kit Harington).

All of that being said, as promised, I'll deliver some epic photographs of Kit Harington's hugely hyped hair, with the caveat that you view them in a spirit of respect. Let's admire Harington's good looks from a place of admiration for beauty in a greater sense (because yeah, being seen as gorgeous is a pretty wonderful compliment), and appreciate that he is a person whose talents go far beyond having a well coiffed mane.

1. Wet & Wild

Sure, Harington looks great soaking wet, but his acting chops are nowhere near soggy. Classically trained in stage acting, he focused on Drama and Theatre Studies at Worcester Sixth Form College, and finally graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama, going on to play the original lead in the stage version of War Horse (a production which actually began while he was still studying), and the critically acclaimed film, Testament of Youth.

2. Refreshingly Rugged

Perhaps one of the reasons the Game of Thrones character Jon Snow appeals to so many viewers is his rugged reliability. Harington carries the role of Snow so well that he's amassed an almost cult-like following. He's admitted during various interviews that on many occasions, he's been met with the phrase, "You know nothing, Jon Snow," a phrase which he also admits to being somewhat baffled by.

3. Cheeky Closeup

In live interviews, the GoT star comes across as both intelligent and a bit reserved, carefully digesting questions and responding with genuine interest and consideration. Which should come as little surprise, since Harington once aspired to pursue journalism as a career, but finally moved in the direction of stage acting, professionally speaking, about the time he made it to his A-levels (the courses and tests taken in preparation for university in the United Kingdom).

4. Amid The Elements

According to Harington in an interview with Interview Magazine, Sean Bean encouraged the suggestion that all of Bean's sons in GoT model their accents after his own, Harington being no exception.

5. Fun & Free

Clearly Harington, and his famed mane, know how to freestyle a bit in life.

5. Wild & Windblown

Just look at the extension in those hair follicles! Yes, we could joke about how Harington is so dedicated to this scene that his hair is in on the act, but truthfully, our admiration goes further. It takes a dedicated and composed actor to play high intensity roles without coming across as campy, and Harington does just that throughout the entirety of GoT.

6. Luxurious Locks

Pensive and sensitive, Harington challenges the status quo that an action hero must be all conflict, and little introspection.

7. Slicked Back & Sleek

See? Even with his locks slicked back, he manages to captivate. Sure, the hair is swoon worthy, but there's something much more significant lurking behind Harington's piercing gaze.

8. A Snowy Stance

Harington's dedication to the craft of acting runs deep, and he's not one to shy away from performing his own stunts. In fact, during the recent production of the movie adaptation of BBC hit TV series, Spooks, Harington proved his mettle as he was knocked unconscious in the midst of a scene in which his head gets smashed through a wall.

9. Mysteriously Moody

We look forward to what Harington's next role will be, as reportedly, he personally fancies horror stories and films — and as striking as he can be on film and stage, he would probably be well suited to the intense drama of a well shot horror movie. However, by the sound of it, it could be that another stint in the theater is just as likely, as Harington has been openly vocal about his love of the stage.

10. Suited & Suave

Perhaps he'll grace us with something he's written, or directed. With his previous journalistic and cinematic aspirations, one can only hope that someday he might share his personal explorations into storytelling. Coming from a man who seems both humble and perceptive, they could hail from a very worthwhile perspective.

11. Daringly Dapper

Again, according to the rather charming interview with Harington, featured in Interview Magazine, Christopher Catesby Harington, nicknamed Kit, didn't realize what his full name was until age 11, when he was corrected for filling out his nickname on a test. Harington claims he had a, "bizarre existential crisis," around the experience, and ultimately chose to go by Kit, as it felt more akin to who he was personally. A decision reflects the witty, introspective, and endearing personality Harington seems to have.

12. Kit With A Cat

Finally, we'll end with Harington's most epic of photographs. No matter how many ice walls he stands atop, or regular walls he puts his head through, nothing can really top Harington holding a cat. OK, maybe they all can, but c'mon, this is fan girl gold. So, if you'll excuse us for one brief moment, Harington... sigh.