What Has Zach Rance From 'Big Brother 16' Been Up To? Don't Worry, Zankie Is Still Going Strong

He might not have won the title of America's Favorite Player, but there's no doubt that Big Brother 16 houseguest Zach Rance had a crazy fan following. Actually, he still does have a mega-fan following, and it looks like he's loving every minute of it. To use a line from his 2014 rap single, Zach went from most hated to fan favorite over the course of the summer, gaining fans for his over-the-top personality, friendship with Frankie, and probably his dancing skills. So now that another group of houseguests will be entering the house for the 17th season of the show, you might be wondering what Zach has been up to in the last year since Big Brother 16 ended.

As a quick refresher: Zach Rance — Rancey Pants, Zach Attack, Rizzle, or Fruit Loop Dingus — lasted 63 days in the Big Brother house. He was apart of quite a few alliances — not a huge player in them, but whatevs — but his most famous alliance was with Frankie Grande. Then Frankie turned on him, the whole world cried, the end. Don't worry, Zankie is doing just fine.

Now, Zach is back doing his thing in Florida with his brother. He's become somewhat of a — dare I say — social media mogul. And he's starting to spread his name in a ton of different business ventures that might surprise you.

He Co-Wrote An eBook

Who would have thought, huh? Zach, an author. Zach's book, called Ghetto Uprising , came out in April 2015. It is only 160 pages long, but that's 160 pages longer than my book, so props to that. As the above trailer suggests, Ghetto Uprising is a spooky thriller novel, and follows protagonist Demetri Thompson (side note: D. Thompson, Donny Thompson, America’s Favorite Player… coincidence?) growing up in a very dangerous neighborhood in New York, living a life where "surviving sometimes means breaking the rules."

He Also Came Out With A Song

ICYMI: Zach came out with a rap single called "Sawagoo" at the end of 2014. If you haven't heard it, I'd suggest going over to Amazon and listen to the sample clip. Or buy it. He didn't win America's Favorite Player prize money, after all. Throw him a few royalties.

He's Still Doing Bold & The Beautiful

I'll admit, I never watched the Big Brother stars on Bold & The Beautiful back in October when they guest starred. After a summer of live feeds, it was time for a break from their lovely faces. So if you missed Zach's cameo then, fear not, because it seems like he was back in action on the Bold & The Beautiful set in May 2015.

Zankie Still Exists

Don't worry Zankie lovers, these two are still best friends.

He's Inspiring His Fans

From the word art to the stock image of mountains, I'm *~inspired~*.

He's Still Dancing

And he is still wearing the Zach Rance official uniform.

He Might Be Single

If not, then the girl who has his heart is very lucky.

He Is Selling Zach Rance Clothes

If you can't get enough of Zach Rance, you can always buy one of his logo tees and make yourself the most supportive Zacharoo — fan name — to ever exist.