11 Short-Haired Gals On Instagram To Follow

Summer is finally here and that means one thing: new hair. Every summer, many people, including myself, decide to make a big hair change due to the drastic weather change. And the best resource to tap for inspiration? Women with short hair on Instagram.

Naturally, going shorter with your locks has always been trendy for the warmer months, but it is hotter than ever right now. Celebrities and everyday women alike are chopping their hair off to shoulder-length or shorter. As a person who rocked a long bob for several years, I can say that short hair is simply the best.

Short hair is easy to style and maintain. You don't have to worry about the intense tangles and long hours straightening your hair. This means you can spend less time doing your 'do and more time doing important things (like perhaps shopping online or watching Netflix).

If I didn't already convince you to come to the short hair side already, there are nine closely-cropped gals from Instagram who will definitely make you consider chopping your hair off.

1. Kia

Kia's short, jet black hair is simply perfection. This beauty recently cut her hair shorter from a shoulder bob and explained how she misses her longer hair. No worries, Kia! It looks amazing.

2. I'na Saulsbery

This naturalista plays with hair color to add a little more fun to her curls. She has colored her short curls from blonde to red within the last two months. This natural, short-haired gal isn't afraid of making hair risks and you shouldn't be either. I mean, we only have one life to live right?

3. Micah Gianneli

This Australian fashion blogger is killing it with her short 'do. Micah is known for her beautiful pixie cut that she pulls off so effortlessly. She's even gone gray before. How much more fabulous can you get, Micah?

4. Jasmin

Jasmin has had a lot of hair transformations within the last year. She rocked a short bob for a while until she decided cut the short bob to a asymmetrical, spiked cut. Then, she rocked a curly pixie for a while until she decided to shave it all off. This beauty radiates confidence.

5. Natalie

This lovely lady is the definition of a fearless, short-haired gal. Natalie has colored her short 'do so many times, from fire ball red to aqua blue, this beauty kills every hair color with her short cut. I see you, Natalie!

6. Vicky Logan

Vicky is that one YouTuber who is known for her vibrant personality and her even more vibrant hair. Vicky is always having fun with her short 'do by always chopping some of it off from time to time. Plus, you can find her adding highlights of all colors to her strands.

7. Netta

Rocking a curly, tapered cut, Netta is certainly having a ball with her natural hair. A TWA (teeny weeny Afro) is highly known within the natural hair community, but this naturalista added a twist to this popular hair length by shaving off the sides to have a more edgy look.

8. Nymphv

This curly-haired babe is known for her ombré curls. This short-haired gal recently changed her hair after always rocking long, blonde hair. She decided that a short, curly bob is more fun in the summer. Plus, who wants to be bothered with long hair during the tremendously hot months? I know I don't.

9. Channon

Being another member for the fun naturals club, Channon surely shows us how it is done. Channon dons a tapered TWA so easily that she makes me want to cut off my hair and rock one too. Can I be like you when o grow up, Channon?

Image: kiakiabiaa/Instagram