18 Celebrities Who'd Rather Not Be With Donald Trump In This Photo Right Now

The relationship between Washington and Hollywood is as old as time, and every savvy presidential candidate knows that a ringing endorsement from a high-profile celebrity can do wonders for their approval ratings. Long before Donald Trump decided to join the 2016 race, he has been courting celebrities into his inner circle. Trump understood the power of celebrity so well that he even made a spinoff of his reality competition show The Apprentice to include C- and D-list contestants and called it The Celebrity Apprentice. While it's true that Trump has cavorted with countless famous people over the years, will they endorse him for president?

Never one to be modest about his possessions and achievements, Trump has thoroughly documented his high-profile friendships through the decades, from taking his sons to meet Hulk Hogan when they were young boys to posing with the latest Bachelor, Chris Soules, in January. Even though the range of famous people he's met throughout his life have been an eclectic mix, they all likely have one thing in common: they might have agreed to take a photo with the Donald, but endorsing him for president is an entirely different story.

In fact, the only "celebrity friends" who might support him for president are the ones he didn't fire on The Celebrity Apprentice. As for the other ones, they can barely stand to pose with the real estate tycoon. Here are 18 celebrities who would rather be anywhere else than taking a picture with the Donald.

Britney Spears

"How long do I have to hold this smile for?"

Jack Nicholson

"Where's the waitress with my bourbon? I'm not loaded enough to tolerate this."

The Cast Of 'SNL'

Maya Rudolph can't even in that pic.

James Lipton

The truest testament of a great actor is standing next to Donald Trump without retching.

Kim Kardashian

She's literally two seconds from fainting here. "I thought I wore a lot of hair spray."

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy's like, "Aw hell no. Here, you stand between us."

Chris Soules

Farmer Chris would rather be stuck on an island with Ashley S. right now.

The Cast Of Goodfellas

Trump wants so bad to be part of their clique.

Neil Young

"I'm only doing this if you agree to never use my music for anything." Never trust the Donald!

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler has no idea what day it is, let alone who he's taking a photo with.

Elton John

"Why does standing next to Donald Trump feel like spending eight hours on a Florida beach with no shade or sunscreen?"

Michael Douglas

Trump: "Hey, this guy played me in a movie!"

Douglas: "No, Donald, that guy was indicted on insider trading and securities fraud! You're much worse."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Hey, if I can be governor, then you might as well run for president ... but I'm still not endorsing you."Images: realdonaldtrump/Instagram