'Downton' Should Totally Hire Her

Anjelica Huston, staple of your childhood (or adulthood or adolescence, I don't know your life), has a request for the casting gods. Smash is dead and gone now, and so she would like to move across pond: Anjelica Huston wants a shot at Downton Abbey , please and thank you.

What are you waiting for, Hollywood?? Morticia Addams just gave you an order, you take it and you give her what she wants. Here's the specific thing she said in an interview with USA Today, in which she was promoting her new memoir:

I love Downton. I was raised in Ireland and England so I could pop into a part […] Somebody like the Countess Markievicz (an Irish rebel), who they mentioned last season. Maybe I could make a guest appearance."

Fine, so it wasn't exactly an order, so I will give one for her: Hire Anjelica Huston for Downton Abbey right the eff now. Can you ask for a more regal badass to cast in your show? No you cannot. Get on it, Downton. Have you even seen Ever After?????

Shirley MaClaine did it, Maggie Smith (bless her perfect soul) is still doing it, and we would like for Downton to get its shit together and add Houston to the mix. Who better to exchange barbs with Lady Mary than Huston? Her part in Ever After is what originally taught us what delicious ice looks like in personality form. Hell, she could even play a flash-forward older Lady Mary, we'd be down with that.