Do NOT Do These Things While Traveling Abroad

by Sara Levine

When you're traveling to another country, there's a lot of preparation that goes into it: you have to book your flight, reserve your hotel, and plan your itinerary. Not to mention, you have to learn about the culture and customs of the place you're visiting so that you don't end up offending someone, looking like an idiot, or putting yourself in danger. Someone asked Redditors around the world to share the one thing tourists shouldn't do while traveling to their country, and the answers are probably realer than anything you'd read in a guide book.

You probably already know the basics of travel, like not to talk super loud in enclosed spaces like public transportation (and if you didn't know, now you know) or not to wear white tube socks and sneakers unless you want to stick out like... well, a tourist. But if you want tips straight from the mouths of locals, check out the full Reddit thread to learn about everything from why you shouldn't keep your windows rolled down in Tijuana to what happens when you ask someone in Norway how they're doing. Even if you're not planning a trip abroad, these tips are still worth the read. At the very least, it will give you some good conversation starters for your next dinner party. So here are some behaviors to avoid while traveling in various places:

1. The UK

I assumed the OP was from London because they said "the tube," but truthfully, I think this rule applies to public transportation everywhere. Really, just don't talk to me.

2. Canada

Putting ketchup on poutine is a crime against humanity! Who would even think to do that?

3. South Africa

No one calls it safari? My whole life has been a lie!

4. Poland

Also in another comment was "don't try to joke about the invasion." I'm going to second that one, because who the heck does that.

5. Australia

In case you were wondering, here's why:

That settles it; I'm never driving in Australia.

6. Japan

OK, whoever started that panty vending machine rumor is a genius.

7. Portugal

Emphasis on the last one.

8. Jamaica

I have no clue what NFS stands for, but regardless you probably shouldn't get into an unmarked taxi, regardless of your location.

9. Norway

Uhhh, good to know.

10. Costa Rica

You know what? I'm just going to play it safe and not drive in a foreign country, ever.

Image: Paul D'Ambra/Flickr