Bella Thorne Joins 'Midnight Sun' & It's Only The First Step To Her Becoming The Next Big Thing

There's a new strawberry blonde It Girl on the verge of a Hollywood takeover. Deadline reported Monday that Bella Thorne will star in Midnight Sun, an upcoming YA romance film opposite Patrick Schwarzenegger and it's just more proof that Thorne is about to be everywhere. Thorne, a former child actress (who once played a young Taylor Townsend in a flashback on The O.C.) starred opposite Zendaya on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up! from 2010 to 2013, but she's no longer just a Disney darling. Thorne is moving on to far more grown-up material, and the world will definitely be watching her star rise in the next few years.

Much like the former Disney stars (like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus) that came before her, Thorne is going beyond her days of family programming to some edgier material. Midnight Sun, a story about a teen who falls in love despite the life-threatening illness that keeps her out of the sunlight, solidifies her place as a lead features actress, but it's hardly the first step she's taken to break out of the Disney mold. Here's why Thorne is moving into the big league, and why she's one actress to keep an eye on:

She Modernized An Iconic Role

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The opening scene of Scream (starring Drew Barrymore) was modernized for the TV series, and Thorne's character Nina was the show's first victim.

She's A Red Carpet Staple


Thorne's red carpet fashion is always enviable — you will rarely see her in a basic black cocktail dress.

She's A Coveted Guest Star

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In addition to her role on Scream, Thorne also guest starred on the Fox dramedy Red Band Society in a two-episode arc.

She's The Perfect Mean Girl

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Well, onscreen anyway — she starred opposite Parenthood's Mae Whitman as a Regina George reincarnation in 2014's The Duff.

She's Bringing A Horror Classic To The Big Screen

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First Scream, now The Amityville Horror: Thorne is the latest victim of the Long Island death trap in the reboot of the classic film, titled The Amityville Horror: Awakening.

She's Set To Star In Your New TV Obsession


If you love meta TV shows, how's this for one? According to TVLine, Thorne will star in a potential ABC Family series Famous In Love, about an actress who gets cast in the film adaptation of a YA franchise. The show is from Pretty Little Liars' showrunner I. Marlene King, which means that if the series is picked up by the network it could very well become the perfect match for your Pretty Little Liars addiction. Thorne is well on her way to superstar status, and I'm officially along for the ride.

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