Get A Move On, SCOTUS!

The Supreme Court justices didn't release its landmark ruling on same-sex marriage on Monday, as was scheduled, and everyone is just a little bit nervous and frustrated — to say the least. I mean, it's not like I've been baking dozens of rainbow cookies prematurely to throw a celebratory party or anything. Or rainbow freeze pops. Definitely not. There are only two days left on the opinions calendar for the justices to make their opinions on this case and others public, according to CBS San Francisco, so we should know the final ruling either Thursday or next Monday. But we can't wait that long! The cookies will be stale by then. So, in protest, I've compiled the best frustrated social media reactions to the delayed gay marriage SCOTUS decision.

To recap, the Court case involved a federal appeals court ruling in Cincinnati that upheld bans on same-sex unions in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee, which are four of the 13 remaining states that allow only heterosexual marriage, according to CBS. The federal appeals ruling reversed pro-gay marriage rulings by federal judges in all four of those states. The challenge to the appellate ruling, presented to the Court, was brought by 32 plaintiffs in six separate lawsuits. The ruling, if it overturns the bans in those four states, would also affect bans across the country. Not only would same-sex couples be able to legally marry, they would also have access to the same rights that opposite-sex couples have, including tax benefits, hospital visitations, joint adoptions and more, according to USA Today. Thus, we're really frustrated that it hasn't come out already, and so are a lot of social media users. This tweet encapsulates the feeling perfectly.

That haiku sums up how my brain is working with regards to the decision.

Oh, and these:

'Cause we want this decision more than Veruca wants a squirrel:

So this delay got me like:

But, hey, it's Monday, and it could come out Thursday, which is only three days away, right? RIGHT?!

But it's OK. Everything will be OK, and they will rule to overturn those gross, outdated bans and then everyone will be happy and equal. Yay! But still, we're still waiting. And I can't wait anymore! Come on, SCOTUS! You said Monday! I can't take the suspense.

What if we have to wait until Monday?

But they wouldn't do that. Please don't do that, SCOTUS!

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