This New Form Of Skin Art Is Dangerous

Now that it's officially summer, it's time for us to voice our concern over sunburn art, which is some sort of 2k15 trend that is pretty concerning. The basic process is that people intentionally only cover up part of their skin from the sun, so the burnt skin around it leaves a pattern kind of like a tattoo. We're all for a good laugh—and I can't pretend I didn't LOL at a few of these—but in the name of skin safety, could we not? I'm a little hazy on these sunburn artists' exactly process, but I'm going to guess it involves excessive amounts of masking tape.

It's not the look that gets me. As someone who spends their life is fairly casual footwear and worn out jeans, I'm definitely not in the position to judge their style choices. It's the entire concept of encouraging a sunburn for the purposes of making a fake tattoo that makes my skin crawl a little.

One summer at camp, my apparently artistic friends and I put tiny heart stickers on the left side of our lower stomachs to see who tanned the most on any given day. So maybe I shouldn't knock this art form, because apparently I've participated in it. (Also, I won most of those contests.) But, in our defenses, we were using sunscreen. That's right, SPF 45, babes.

So, if these sunburn art fans are going to continue with their ill-advised trend, they should really be investing in strong sunscreen, and aloe vera. Here are 8 people with sunburn artists that we are considering sending very strong sunscreen to:

1. A maze

2. Back tat sunburn art

3. Flower power

4. Sleeve tat sun damage

5. Dick pranks

6. Love in the sun

Couldn't they just have gotten henna tattoos and called it a day?

Images: bbear430/Instagram