Amal Clooney Wore A Polka Dot Dress At The Supreme Court In London And Totally Pulled It Off

When you think chic, head to toe polka dots are probably not the first thing to come to your mind, but Amal Clooney just wore a polka dot dress, and dotted has never looked so stylish. Of course, this is Amal Clooney we're talking about here, so really what can't this woman make look incredible?

Clooney was spotted (no pun intended) at the Supreme Court in London on Monday, wearing a black and tan, knee length dress with polka dots all over it. The sleeved dress had peplum style pockets at the hips, nipping in her waist and falling right above the knees. But the human rights lawyer didn't just look amazing; she was actually in court to challenge a 2008 ruling which forced residents of the Chagos Islands out of their native homeland. So,she's saving the world, and looks like this doing it. Of course.

The 37-year old accessorized with a pair of classic, black pumps, oversized black Prada sunglasses, and a black leather Dior bag. With her dark hair blown out and fresh and dewy makeup, Amal looked sophisticated and ready for business, but still oh so pretty. At this point, I'm convinced she's not even human.

Images: Getty Images; Daily_Express/Twitter