Want to Know What Teen Leslie Knope Looked Like?

I didn't know I needed this so desperately in my life, but I did, and you do too. Thanks to Uproxx, though, it exists — and now I am going to share it with you lucky few. So, someone got the amazing idea to recut the already flawless Parks and Recreation opening credits, with a twist: It's an intro to Parks and Recreation: The Teen Years , featuring clips of the cast's younger selves looking like total babies. I mean, look at Adam Scott! He might be Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster, but in that clip, he is Ben Wyatt: Teen Dreamboat.

Though I am completely elated by the existence of this trailer, though, part of me can't help but be a little sad that this show could never be possible, because no one has perfected the art of time traveling with DeLoreans. Yet. Luckily, though, my sadness goes away when I remember how perfect the original Parks and Recreation is, and watch this clip from this week's new episode in which the gang all pick out dogs that are most like them in personality.

You can check out the recut trailer below. Parks and Recreation airs every Thursday on NBC, at 8 PM.