Everyone Should Take Mick Jagger's Beauty Advice

Considering her mother is the superstar model and well-known fashion icon Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger obviously has a wealth of beauty knowledge running through her veins. However, who would've guessed that Jagger's father would have some tips, too? Mick Jagger gave Georgia May Jagger great beauty advice and although it did not include tips on how to create a quick and easy cat eye or how to prevent frizzy hair in the summer, the advice is very

At the Sunglass Hut Electrify Summer event, Allure met up with Georgia to ask a quick question about what her dad thought about her beauty. Georgia explained that her father, "taught me that the lines on your face and the the things that are wrong with you represent how much that you've lived and enjoyed life rather than what is bad about you. Neither of my parents buy into that plastic-surgery culture." Not only is this advice super body positive, but it's also a perspective that's super encouraging to live by.

I love how it's super genuine and real Jagger's advice was. And I feel like it's something that everyone should hear. That's right, Mick Jagger's beauty advice also applies to you boys, too!