Are SYTYCD Duo Kenya & Connor Good Enough Apart?

by Keertana Sastry

Fox's hit reality series So You Think You Can Dance is pulling out all the stops for Season 12 with a new format, new teams, and new judges. And yet the best moments so far in the season come from the same place as always: The dance talent from across the country. During Tuesday night's New York City auditions, dancers Kenya and Connor paired up for their contemporary auditions. Duo auditions in the contemporary genre are rare. In fact I don't really remember seeing one, at least not one done well. But Kenya and Connor blew me and the judges away with their solid, fluid, beautiful choreography. And their talents as a duo were remarkable. Of course they both received tickets to Las Vegas, but the real question that will face them once they meet up with Travis Wall and the rest of Team Stage is whether or not they're good enough apart as well.

Short answer? As of now, I think they absolutely have the solo talent to go far in the competition. Connor in particular surprised the judges (and myself) with his strength, partnering skills and his grace. Kenya was obviously excellent and elegant is probably a great way to describe the way she moves. But it's hard for me at the moment to really appreciate the two as solo dancers as they moved so amazingly together. I wonder if they can have that same chemistry with others? Las Vegas will certainly put them through the test with incredible choreographers like Sonya Tayeh and Travis Wall himself. I can't cross my fingers hard enough for these two to excel apart as much as they did together.

Images: Screenshot/FOX; danceonfox/Tumblr