9 Things Only Women With Beauty Spots Understand

The beauty spot on my face didn't always hold the special place it currently has in my heart. And for many years, in fact, I considered my "good side" the opposite half of my face, which was clear of any unwanted marks. The term beauty spot (or beauty mark) is an affectionate way — a euphemism, if you will — to describe what is really a large freckle or mole, often residing on your cheeks. Facial beauty spots are typically the ones that get the most recognition and have even been considered fashionable over time. But although the face gets hailed a beauty spot's most typical home, they can be located on your neck, shoulder, or breasts as well.

Lots of celebrities are known for their famous beauty spots, too. Women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were some of the first to usher in the now-accepted characteristic. And who can forget when Madonna and Cindy Crawford revived the look in the '80s and '90s? These days, many modern celebs are affectionately tied to their beauty spots, too, like Blake Lively and Eva Mendes.

I've come to terms with my own beauty spot and now consider it one of my favorite facial features, but there are at least nine things I've thought or dealt with throughout my process of accepting my little facial friend. And I'm sure any gal with a beauty spot will totally get where I'm coming from.

1. Feeling Like It's The Worst Thing Ever

Growing up, no one understands that it's actually awesome (and fashionable, duh) to have a beauty mark. Kids can be mean, so having it pointed out to you over and over again isn't something you enjoy. It's just always there... every time you look in the mirror... and it's the first thing you notice when you see a photo of yourself.

2. Starting To Figure Out That Maybe It's Kinda Unique...

Somewhere along the way, you start to get it. Maybe it's through the help of a certain celebrity who totally owns their own beauty mark, and you think, "OK, I can work with this." It's never going anywhere, and it makes you who you are. There's probably not another soul on the earth who has a beauty spot exactly where yours is, so it's time to own this particular spot you've been given.

3. Struggling With The Perfect Balance Of Foundation

When it comes to applying your makeup, you've now gotten to the point where you don't want to use too much, because covering it up seems like a shame. Depending on how big or dark the spot is, that foundation might just be the wrong thing to use, so you opt for a powder instead. Either way, you are intent on blending it in perfectly so as to not cover up that special little spot.

4. Debating Whether Or Not To Use A Pencil

Your makeup game is on point, but maybe it's a little too much. Will using a pencil to fill back in my beauty spot be OK? You think about it back and forth, because now you don't want people to think you drew that baby on! I promise, it's real!

5. Checking For Signs Of Cancer

You know your little beauty spot is actually a mole, and you've heard all the signs of potential skin cancers. Changes in size and appearance are something you look for every few days. If this thing is cancerous, you're gonna hate it all over again. Mostly, you can rest assured, because after 20-something years, it's still the same ol' spot.

6. Angling Your Selfie JUST RIGHT

So maybe you used to angle your photos in the opposite direction of your beauty spot, but these days, when there's a photo op, you're quick to tilt your face in just the right position to show it off! You're proud of that spot, and you're not afraid to show it. That #beautyspot is one of your favorites.

7. Feeling Like An Old Hollywood Star

You can't help but notice how sometimes you really pull off that old Hollywood glamour like a boss. There's something special about how your beauty spot helps you obtain the look, and you don't feel like it'd be as cool without it. Just call me Marilyn.

8. Making An S.O. Totally Smitten With Your Beauty Spot-Ways

In my case, it's my hubby who loves the uniqueness of my beauty spot. He adores kissing it and giving my cheek some extra attention. Your significant other is probably also fascinated by your beauty mark, wherever it is, and loves the fact that it totally makes you who you are!

9. Absolutely Adoring it

You've come to accept it. You've realized it's a part of you. But actually, you now know you wholeheartedly adore it, and you could never imagine your face without it. It's perfect in every way, and there's nothing anyone could ever say to make you feel differently. Your beauty spot has more than lived up to its name, because it's just one of the features that makes your entire self a beautiful human!

Images: Christie Drozdowski; paulla_90, thuly_p, camillahewitt, daniellesolomon, haelia.obsidian, dameshirleybasterd, lushluve, miss.kumari/Instagram