Watch This Stowaway Cat Take A Surprise Flight Thousands Of Feet In The Air And Act Like It's NBD — VIDEO

Cats are some sneaky, shapeshifting maestros, for sure. They have the tenacity and follow-through to find their way into all sorts of mysterious places. Namely, I have found a cat in a dryer more than once. I guess that means the mystery there should no longer apply, but. This duo found a cat who snuck onto an aircraft, and this feline is clearly of the highest caliber of chill.

I know I've joked before about wanting to take my cat everywhere with me, but most of the time I am secretly being serious. I met a woman in line for a red-eye flight from San Francisco to New York a few years ago. She explained how she "played the system" to allow her to carry a small French bulldog named after a flower basically all places. "Get your doctor to write a note about how the animal helps preserve your mental health," she explained with Merlot breath. Seemed fair, although I have yet to research this actual step needed to start doing this with my cat Kevin.

However, no cat love could ever burn so bright for me as to bring one along for a fairly open-air aircraft ride. To be fair, it looks like the intentional passengers are adequately confused by their surprise stowaway.

The series of reactions is so priceless. First, Mr. Mittens (the name I deemed most appropriate in my head just now), goes unnoticed:


It would be easy to hardly even notice, TBH. Mr. Mittens' ears barely peaking out from that tarp-ish thing. Guuuh. Then he gets pretty bold:




There we go. See the whole scene unfold below:

romain jantot on YouTube

I think Mr. Mittens serves as a metaphor, guys. Sometimes life takes you on a surprise trip across the sky in a seemingly homemade aircraft. You can chill until you're on the ground again or flip out and fall to your doom. Choose your own adventure, yanno?

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