All the Characters We Need to See in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Little is currently known about the newest Star Wars movie: its plot, main characters, and cast have all been kept under tight wraps. But now we know that the series' cutest little astromech droid has made the cut. Disney and LucasFilm have both confirmed that R2-D2 will appear in Star Wars: Episode VII , and have even hired two members of the R2-D2 Builders Club, a fanclub that builds robots from the movies, for the new film's Creature Effects team.

But what about the other members of the Star Wars universe? Not a lot has been confirmed yet, be we have a few ideas as to who should (and shouldn't) appear in the new movie...


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What would R2-D2 be without his ultimate robot companion? The only reports of the well-mannered robot being featured the J.J. Abrams film are simply rumors at this point, but it's pretty safe to assume that the protocol droid will be returning to the film, especially since George Lucas is consulting on the film, and he expected the iconic robot duo to appear in every Star Wars film. Besides, how would we even know what the hell R2_D2 is even saying without C-3PO?

Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo

According to Lucas' original plans for the next three Star Wars movies, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo would all appear (although they would be in their 60's and 70's). The three characters were incredibly integral to the original series, it would seem wrong not to include them. And it seems like they might be after all — Lucas has been in contact with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford about appearing in the film.

Mace Windu

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Okay, so Mace Windu isn't exactly an essential character in the Star Wars mythology. But Samuel L. Jackson is a huge Star Wars fan. He's expressed to J.J. Abrams that he'd love to appear in the film and even joked that he'd go to open auditions, but so far he's heard nothing. But c'mon, how can you say no to Samuel L. Jackson? Seriously though, can you? Because I'm pretty sure he's appeared in half of all movies ever made.

Boba Fett

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Yeah, Darth Vader was the biggest villain of the Star Wars franchise. But he died in Episode VI, and if this movie is going according to Lucas' plan, Vader will have been long gone. So what villains are even left from the previous films? The coolest one: Boba Fett. He's mysterious, he's an outlaw, he's a bounty hunter. Not to mention he's developed a pretty substantial cult following, so why wouldn't you want to put him in the newest movie?

Obi Wan Kenobi?

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Ewan McGregor, like Samuel L. Jackson, really wants to return to the Star Wars franchise. But the film will most likely take place after the first three original films, when the Jedi master was played by Alec Guinness. Not to mention that Obi Wan Kenobi was pretty much just a ghost — so even if McGregor played an older version of his character, he would be relegated to appearing as a translucent spiritual entity. So while it would be great to see the beloved Jedi in the new movie, it's not worth the casting trouble for a ghost.