5 Models With Other Jobs, From Coding To Teaching Middle School, Because Cat Walkers Are Multi-Talented

Some say models are just a pretty face, but we all know that's just not true. Sure, these men and women have jobs based on their looks, but It takes a lot more than just looking good on camera to make it as a model. I mean, just remembering the go-see episodes of America's Next Top Model gives me anxiety. In fact, a lot of these models have different jobs too, that are completely different from working the camera and involve a lot of patience and hard work.

Many models appeared on camera as actors, which only makes sense when you consider how much time they spend smizing at photographers in their daily lives. Take Cara Delevigne, for instance. Her upcoming role in Paper Towns definitely proves she's way more than an awesome pair of eyebrows. The reverse transition from acting to modeling happens with even more regularity. In fact, Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte is a signed model who recently walked the Vivienne Westwood runway wearing a boob handbag. And when it comes to taking a shot at designing, let's face it — it seems like everyone and their mother has a clothing line (I'm personally a huge fan of model of the moment Kendall Jenner line for Topshop, created with sister Kendall). But wearing or making clothes and posing for the camera aren't the only things models are known for.

Check out these five cat walkers who have another awesome skill besides giving face.

1. Marland Backus

According to a report from The Cut, Backus, who has modeled for designers such as Gucci, Victoria Beckham, and Céline, is actually an industrial designer. Having just graduated from Pratt, Backus wants to continue both modeling as well as designing on the side. The 22-year-old was discovered in London, and soon added runway model to her resume. According to her Instagram, Backus still designs, but you'll definitely still see her working the runway.

2. Karlie Kloss

Everyone knows (and loves) model/Taylor Swift's BFF Karlie Kloss for rocking the covers of magazines, walking down the Victoria's Secret catwalk, and... making cookies? The model collaborated with Momofuku Milkbar to create a line of health-conscious treats cleverly called Karlie's Kookies.These cookies (err... kookies) raise money to provide school lunches for children.

3. Lyndsey Scott

I'm a big fan of this next model, who not only has graced runways from Victoria's Secret to Prada, but also has a degree in Computer Science from Amherst, and is basically a coding genius. Scott, 29, has taken her coding skills and combined them with modeling, to create an app called iPort, which basically is a cooler version of a model's portfolio. Awesome, right?

4. Iman

Let's face it, Iman is one of the fashion greats. She has basically ruled the industry since the '70s and has turned a talented eye towards the makeup industry to focus on creating a line of products, Iman Cosmetics, for women of color. It offers over 16 different makeup shades to choose from, ensuring women of all colors have a go-to foundation that actually matches their skin tone. You go, Iman.

5. Sam Worthen

Sam Worthen may not be a name you recognize right off the bat, but you've definitely seen this guy before. Walking the runway for the likes of Alexander McQueen is definitely not his first priority. This 24-year-old model, with the real name Sam Pearce, is an English teacher at a Brooklyn middle school. Seriously. Imagine your middle school teacher walking the runways in Milan. No words.