7 'Orange Is The New Black' Beauty Lessons We Can All Put To Good Use IRL

OK, I may or may not have binge watched season 3 of Orange Is The New Black within 48 hours. The show's incredibly diverse cast is a big reason I'm a fan, but I'm also quite into all the hidden beauty lessons within Orange Is The New Black. Seriously! I know his show is about an all-female prison, but there are some actual beauty takeaways we can all glean from the Netflix original.

Come on, I know I'm not the only one who wonders how Lorna is able to rock a fab red lip while in prison or how Suzanna (Crazy Eyes) is able to have flawless Bantu knots. These women have a wealth of DIY hair and makeup knowledge we should all feel lucky to have the opportunity to tap into.

With all of the beauty tricks and messages within the show, I sometimes find myself writing quotes from the show down in a little notepad (please don't judge me, guys). From learning to embrace your true inner beauty to creating homemade red lipstick, Orange Is The New Black is here to teach you all sorts of essential beauty tips you need to know.

Still not convinced? Here are the seven best pieces of hair and makeup advice OITNB has to offer.

1. Love Your Natural Hair


Majority of the black women on the show rock natural hair. I would argue that there is not nearly enough representation of black hair on television shows or movies, so to see all the amazing, naturals 'dos on OITNB is incredibly refreshing. They are proving that natural hair is indeed beautiful, so go on and embrace it. One point for you, OITNB!

2. We All Should Try A Winged Liner With A Blue Lip


I know you probably think that I'm out of my mind, but hear me out. Marisol wore this edgy makeup look in high school, which means she is ahead of the game when it comes to makeup trends. There's no reason you should have to pick just one aspect of bold beauty; OITNB proves you can rock as many at once as you want.

3. "No Makeup" Makeup Can Also Look Amazing


Chapman is completely correct with this. Yes, beauty does come from within, but rocking a little makeup never hurt anyone — especially if it's something you actually enjoy doing. Do you, boo!

4. Bedhead Hair Can Be Attractive


In case you need additional proof beyond Beyonce song lyrics, Nicky's perfect bedhead proves you really can wake up flawless. Don't have Natasha Lyonne's voluminous curls? Fake them by putting your hair into two chunky French braids at night and take them down in the morning. This will produce soft, waves in your hair that will appear effortless.

5. Don't Give In To Societal Standards Of "Perfection"


OK, am I the only person who almost cried a tears of joy when I watched this scene? I mean, Marisol really hit the nail on the head. Don't get me wrong, I understand the use of Photoshop under certain circumstances. I do have an issue with the way society puts pressure on women to be perfect by displaying "perfect" women on magazine covers and ad campaigns. OITNB reminds us that those women are often edited to look like that, so to compare yourself would be ridiculous. A freakin' men.

6. Always Say Yes To A Red Lip


Red lips looks great on everyone which is probably why Lorna is always rocking one on OITNB. However, I always wondered how is she able to have red lipstick in prison. Turns out, there are several ways to create homemade red lipstick/lip stain. You're one smart girl, Lorna!

7. Orange Is Not The New Black


Sorry to break this news to you but OITNB did lie to you about one thing. I am here to tell you that nothing can be the new black. Black is the color that majority of the people on Earth chooses to wear. It's easy, it's always on trend, and it looks amazing on basically everyone. Orange, however, is far more difficult to pull off. My apologizes Piper! I didn't mean to make you cry with this news!

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