What Has Shereè Been Up To Since 'Housewives'?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has really changed from the TV show that it originally was. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating by any means, but I just miss the good old days of Nene Leakes, Kim Zolciack, and Shereè Whitfield getting into it and making up over and over again. There was just such an organic feel to the show back then. In an unfortunate turn of events, Nene recently announced that she's leaving RHOA after seven seasons and a spin-off for her wedding. Kim also left a couple seasons ago, but her spin-off series Don't Be Tardy is just the sweetest, most adorable show ever. Plus, Kim and Nene are going to star in a new Bravo TV show about the twosome taking a road trip across the country. But where is my girl Shereè in all of this?

I miss seeing Shereè on reality television. It really seems like she fell off the map after her time on Real Housewives, and my television watching life is not the same without her. I miss her sassy attitude and her shady one-liners, so I can't help wondering: What is Shereè Whitfield up to these days? What is her life like after reality television? Did she ever get her fashion line up and running? Because I know other RHOA fans want answers too, here are some of the questions I find myself asking about the former Bravo star.

Does She By Shereè actually exist?

I have always had this weird fascination with Shereè's clothing line, She by Shereè. There was just so much hype and nothing seemed to come from it. The line came up in almost every conversation while she was on the show and is still randomly referenced by Andy Cohen on What What Happens Live here and there when he shadily asks the Housewives, "Are you wearing Shereè?"

And today, the status of clothing line is still extremely unclear. During a March 2014 appearance on WWHL, the host asked the Shereè about her line, but she kept things vague: "I have some jewelry, but also I have t-shirts that are still selling. But right now I’m really working on a fitness DVD. I actually just taped it about a week ago. And I’m really excited about it. You know, that’s always been my passion."

In addition to this, if you view her online shop, this message appears, "Oops! There are no items in this area of the shop. Please try another location."

Is she still single?

Shereè returned to Bravo in March 2015 with an appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker. So was Patti Stanger able to successfully set up the former reality star? Not even close. The episode was pretty hard to watch. Patti even took her to a store that sells crystals to get her some positive energy or something. That didn't work though, Shereè didn't take any of Patti's advice, the date didn't go well, and she didn't get a second one. It's unclear if she is still searching for love, but there have been no reports of romance. And neither her Twitter nor her Instagram posts indicate that she is in a relationship.

Is she currently employed?

This seems like a simple question that would have a "yes" or "no" answer, but once again, Shereè's life is pretty vague. Typing in "What does Shereè Whitfield do for a living?" into Google brings up two different titles: "TV personality" and "entrepreneur." She's not on television anymore and it's really unclear if any of her projects have successfully come to fruition, but she did call herself a "fitness coach" on Millionaire Matchmaker , so there's that.

What's Shereè's Family Life Like?

She is still close with her children Tiera, Kaleigh, and Kairo. And no, she didn't ever get that big divorce settlement from her ex-husband Bob Whitfield that she was talking about for most of her time on RHOA, according to Reality Tea.

What does she think of her reality show past?

I am kind of surprised that Shereè seems to look back at her days on Real Housewives of Atlanta with fondness, but she is not openly bitter about her past on the show. She even referenced one of her classic scenes by posting a Riley Curry meme with her infamous "who gon check me boo?" line.

How does she feel about the other Real Housewives?

I figured Shereè would be pretty resentful about leaving the show, but she actually references it all the time on social media with throwback photos and memories. I guess time heals all wounds and she is actually on good terms with her former costars. Or at the very least she has fond memories of them.

Is she going to return Real Housewives?

Let's hope so! Longtime viewers of the show know that she always brings the entertainment. Plus, Andy Cohen clearly has love for her. In April 2015, the Bravo mastermind tweeted, "Let me make one thing clear: I LOVE @IamSheree! I might actually be obsessed with her." This is a good sign that she might be welcomed back, right? I mean, the rumors of Shereè's return have already started.

If one thing is clear, it's that pretty much nothing is clear about Shereè's life these days. This why we need her back on reality television!

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