These Childhood Sweethearts' Music Video Proposal Will Make You Feel All The Feels, And So Will These 4 Other Proposals

Wedding season is upon us, and if you're anything like me, the bombardment of happiness, love, and future pregnancy announcements has begun to take its toll on your spirit. With that in mind, you'll probably strain a muscle trying not to roll your eyes when you first hear about Sam Maccarone and Jessica Burzichelli, the childhood sweehearts whose music video proposal is currently making the rounds online, but trust me. This is one meet-cute that will melt even the iciest of hearts, and I should know — I personally had my heart cryogenically frozen as soon as I turned 18. Okay, fine. That's technically impossible, but I definitely would have done so if the technology were there. You get the idea.

Maccarone and Burzichelli met in fifth grade in their home state of New Jersey, according to BuzzFeed News, and rather than ending in tears, blood, and destruction of property like most other middle school relationships, the couple stayed together through thick and thin. Their relationship survived puberty, high school, and even attending different colleges, which Burzichelli attributes to knowing that they were "meant for each other," as she told BuzzFeed.

If you need to pause to clutch your face from all the cuteness, you may do so now.

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Although they knew they would marry each other, Maccarone wanted to do something special for his proposal, and boy, did he deliver. If you're at all familiar with the Internet, you know that video proposals are all the rage at the moment. Maccarone's best friend, Domenick Cucinotta, is a producer and director, so it stood to reason that he would hop on the trend as well. He told that he originally wanted to do a movie trailer video, but he ultimately decided it wasn't original enough. Luckily, he had another connection with the arts scene in the form of his cousin, musician Matty Mac Maccarone, who wrote a love song especially for the occasion.

Sam told Burzichelli that Cucinotta had asked them to appear in one of his production company's music videos, and she readily agreed. She had no idea, however, that her then-boyfriend planned to propose at the end of the shoot. In fact, she was so distracted by a Philadelphia Eagles game later that day that she didn't even realize what was happening at first. "Matty sang the last line, 'I've been hoping that you'll marry me someday' [and] Sam got down on one knee... that's when it hit me," she told

The proposal quickly went viral, with more than a million views on YouTube, and for good reason. It's pretty frickin' adorable. Check it out below:

Matty Mac on YouTube

I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. Just so I'm not the only one sobbing into her pillow right now, here are a few other proposals that will jump-start your tear ducts.

The "Marry You" Dance

FlorianPurcarus on YouTube

Was this the viral proposal that started it all? Maybe not, but it has more than 3 million views for a reason.

The Flash Mob

ccjone01 on YouTube

I know they're so 2009, but I'm a huge sucker for flash mobs. You can't judge me for that any more than I've already judged myself.

The Movie Theater

Liam Cooper on YouTube

Not gonna lie, the Australian accents are what take this proposal in a packed movie theater to the next level.

The... Home Depot?

Spencer Stout on YouTube

It's definitely a unique setting, but this proposal in a Home Depot is so freaking cute. Plus, it deserves extra kudos for the song choice and elaborate choreography.

If you're unmoved by all that, then you need to update your software, Mr. Roboto.

Images: Michelangelo Carrieri/Flickr, gemini-dragon-gifs/Tumblr, Matty Mac/ YouTube (2)