I Visited Jerry’s ‘Seinfeld’ Apartment, Aka A Time Machine To 1996 — PHOTOS

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Seinfeld remains one of TV history's greatest sitcoms. To celebrate Hulu's June 24 launch of all episodes in the iconic series, the website recreated Jerry Seinfeld's New York City apartment at Milk Studios in Manhattan. The pop-up installation, which remains open to the public until June 28, gives fans a chance to walk through Seinfeld's Season 8 apartment, browse scripts from some of its most memorable episodes (including "The Summer of George," which I'll forever defend as the cream of the crop), shoot their own George Costanza-like boudoir photo on the sexy velvet couch featured in "The Package," and check out memorabilia like the Festivus pole and the actual diner booth where Jerry, George, and Elaine plotted world domination.

But, really, it's all about Seinfeld's apartment — sitting on that oh-so-'90s aqua couch and perusing his favorite cereals. Everything about his living quarters screams '90s, but here are 11 of the most awesome nostalgic finds I spotted in Seinfeld's sweet digs.

Photo: Lisa Fogarty/Bustle

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