I Shopped DearMissJ In My Slippers & Fell In Love

Online shopping can be tricky because you're left trying to guess how each item will fit and if it will match with anything you own. But DearMissJ's at-home try on service makes shopping for accessories online fun and easy. The company, which is based in San Franciso, lets you try on the items in the comfort of your own home and buy only what you like while sending back whatever you don't. It's that easy! Think of it as a game of dress up for adults.

DearMissJ is a mother-daughter owned business that lets the shopper pick their three favorite items from the shop and try them on at home. Say goodbye to the days of having to guess what you're buying online, because this Warby Parker-meets-jewelry concept is the most revolutionary shopping concept since, well, the Internet itself. You receive your package, you have three days to try on their items and make the big decision. To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

I decided to try the service out myself to see if the concept is actually all that it's cracked up to be. I anxiously awaited my 3-5 business days and then rushed out to the mailbox like a little kid at Christmas when I saw that my package had finally arrived. But seriously, who doesn't love getting packages?! Here's what mine looked like when first opened:

Then I started shopping in my slippers. The cute little packaging and bright blue confetti made me super excited to start trying everything on. DearMissJ has clearly thought of everything to make a shopper's life easy, and their business model is super cool. According to their site, the brand believes that "the right accessories with the right outfit equate to empowerment and confidence." Amen!

Although all the items are made in-house in Korea, I was able to hold them in my hands and see the quality of each design up close. Even better, I got to try the jewelry with any outfit that I wanted to see if it matched not only my personality, but my wardrobe, which is something that gets overlooked when buying in-store or online. I felt confident in choosing the right necklace, plus trying them on with all my favorite outfits was a ton of fun. Check out the pieces I selected from below.

1. Aurora necklace

The first one I tried on was the Aurora necklace, with bright pearl flowers and a comfortable chain. I wore this with a black shirt, like the online styling tips recommended, and was pleasantly surprised at how it fit my neck.

Aurora Necklace, DearMissJ, $85

2. Ciara necklace

The picture of this one doesn't do it justice. The delicate mix of copper and silver is just so gorgeous and I was once again surprised at how beautifully it fit me. This was shorter than I thought it would be and hit at just the right spot on my neck.

Ciara Necklace, DearMissJ, $99

3. Bella necklace

This was the necklace that I was most worried about. It's gorgeous, but I'm not one to wear long chains. Because I'm so short, I often look like a little kid playing dress up. But I was pleasantly surprised by this style.

Bella Necklace, DearMissJ, $165

All in all, the experience was great. I never know how anything is going to fit my body, but now I get to see without even leaving my home. The only problem now is trying to decide what to send back! I'd definitely recommend DearMissJ to anyone who is intimidated by traditional online shopping mediums.

Images: Kali Borovic